Will men and women become obsolete one day?

Will men be replaced by machines one day because of perfection in future technology?

That will means free labor, sex bots, and body guards.

And will create a new social media through putting the entire human race into perminent life support tubes to live in a virtual world. (A crime free and fictional world with sensation simulators)


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  • Definitely, but less time working could let us grow spiritually.
    If not its dark days for humanity, as we will become Lucifer's cyborg super soldiers in the war for Heaven

    • I was begining to give up on people. So glad that there are other Christians out there.

    • I'm actually not a Christian. We do currently reside in lucifers domain though. So we should all be wary of the things that are laid in front of us as they are meant to divide, decieve, and manipulate for his gain.

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  • No. I hate stating absolutes because anything is possible, but not everything is probable. However, I have a hard time believing that machines will ever be able to come close to replicating the complexity and originality of the human mind.

  • LOL This is extremely hilarious!!!

  • If it will happen, it will be and of humanking.