I've been having dreams about a guy I've never met, why is this happening?

So I've been having a dream about this guy whom I've never met or seen in my life, I've looked back on my hole life from people I've seen on tv, to people I've seen in the grocery store at the age of 4 (im 13 almost 14 btw) and I've never seen or met ever. But i will dream of him at least once a week, and either i will sleep with him or refuse because i have a boyfriend that i love, (plz dont lecture that im to young to know what love is) and he keeps wanting to have sex and its very annoying, last night this guy and my boyfriend got into a fight. My boyfriend almost died to this guy (not really... but it feels real and its scary) its really bad, everything from this dream feels real and when i wake up i start questioning if in really awake or not, because my dreams can get so realistic, like if i pince myself it hurts, but i dont wake up, clocks are perfect, nothing different from my place. I need help, i either wanna know why this is happening, or make it stop. This has been going on for about a month, I've asked my parents, they dont even know. Im starting to think this guy will acutelly come in my life, im very spiritual (not religious) and will believe anything, even if this is some curse or hex from someone who juat hates me, or for something i have no memory of. Sorry this is very long, i just need some help.


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  • hun you can't remember every single person you have ever laid your eyes on. That is impossible.

  • the same here. dont know why :P