What do you think about terror attacks in Turkey? Opinions?

A bombing included terror attack happened in Turkey's capital city Ankara at 6:30 PM according Turkey time (4:30 PM GMT). Bomb was exploded by the terrorists in the central area of city. Turkish government explanations say that 28 people died and 67 people are now injured and they are being tried to heal in hospitals. What do you think about this attack? And what do you say about perpetrators of bombing attack?

Terror harms and kills everybody. We should say stop terror all around the world. There's no matter which country you are living in. Regardless your religion, nationality, race etc. I am waiting for your non-side opinions.


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  • I think that the US military should get involved


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  • I know right?

    But some are too ignorant to see that.

    • Yeah... it kills 28 people...

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  • I believe its a play from Turkey to make NATO sent land troops to Syria and Iraq. They don't want the current Syrian president to continue, and also want their oil.

    It's sad that innocent lives have to die for such purposes.

  • I am sorry for dead people.
    And I hate terorism..