Do you agree with this statement?

"men have a harder life because they have to focus on everything while women only need to focus on looks"

i kinda get it but what do you think... and if someone brings up feminism fairy tails im not gonna mh you and ill just block you


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  • That's complete bullshit.
    If a woman focuses on nothing but looks, chances are she'll be not much more than a prostitute or have a sugardaddy.

    If a woman wants to have a career and be treated like an equal versus as subservient to a man, she has to put just as much work into what she does as a man. If not more, to break the stereotypes that women always take it easy.

    • you guys are treated better than men tho

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    • lol it's a smiley face. Nothing more.

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  • While feminists brag about liberating women from patriarchal homes, they don’t seem to mind the fact that women are now enslaved in corporations where they are worked to a point of exhaustion. It’s clear to us that feminists are more concerned with destroying families for the sake of their ideology than they are with promoting women’s welfare.

    The vast majority of today’s women have bought into the false promise from feminists that they could have it all without any consequences—we merely want to tell women to be realistic about their life choices. Women must know that there is a price to be paid for opting the Sex and the City type of lifestyle and that they must choose between motherhood and career. As they say: Don’t shoot the messenger.


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  • could have been true in past.. but I don't think it is true in 21st century.. girls gotta do everything as well..


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  • Lmfao, what a load of bullshit.

  • I agree with this completely. There is one problem, the ugly girls are at a disadvantage