A question for those who were "good kids" in school. Do you wish you were a bad kid?

Oh yeah... I saw in my dream today that scene (it happens often seeing my "alter ego" in school in my dreams)...

Schoolmaster cornered me and asked me:

- How many times I have told you not to smoke here? I'll kick you out if I see you again smoking...
- So what? I know you smoke too...
- We are not the same, you know. Now go back to your classroom and if I see you again I won't give you another chance...

I left and when I went back to my classroom, and my teacher asked when she saw me coming in:

- What happened? Causing trouble again?

I went in and sat on my desk... then I mumbled...

- I don't give a fuck if he kicks me out...

Oh fuck I wish I was like I'm in my dreams... I was a stupid "good kid"... good kid my ass... what did I earn?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I was a good balance between the two (mostly a "good kid"), so I kinda had a bit of both. No regrets at all. ^-^

    Ask yourself what would you earn if you were a "bad kid"?

    • I didn't enjoy school as much as I should...

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    • Aww haha sorry!
      One day, you will want kids. :P
      But for now, concentrate on yourself
      and live your life fully. ^-^
      There is nothing bad about being
      a "good" kid. But it is the past, anyway. ^-^

      Thanks for the MHO.

    • "One day, you will want kids."

      no I'm 100% sure about it...

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  • Like playing catch-up? Because that's what one will be doing as a "bad boy".

    Once you're playing the catch-up game, it's all regret down the line.


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What Girls Said 3

  • lol no. i was an exemplary student as a kid and it was epic. i got so much respect for being smart- from people younger than me, my age, and older than me. i only wish i was just as smart now as i was then.

  • Nope.
    In fact, I wish if I had put in more effort.

    I turned "bad" in one of the years in high school.

    I really want to go back and fix it.

    I loved and still feel happy at my perfect attendance, high average, good behavior, etc.

  • Hell no, I can hardly maintain my GPA now, let alone adding "bad stuff" to the equation


What Guys Said 6

  • What makes you a bad kid? I did drugs/drank, sold drugs, did graffiti, partied at night clubs under age, shop lifted, went to keg parties every weekend, skip school from time to time, slept around, got into fist fights here and there, got stacks of detentions that I never served, etc. but still never got arrested, didn't get any girls prego, no STDs, held a stable job (40 hours a week in high school) and ran several of my own legal businesses, got decent grades, graduated with some awards, had a good relationship with my family, etc. Just because you get into mischief doesn't make you a bad person. It gives you experience and builds character. People are a mix match of light and darkness.

  • Lol I was a good kid in school but I was more a jack of all trades and spent time in all the social circles at one time or another we were all like that, small school.

  • I don't wish I was a bad kid but I wish I wasn't as good because it hasn't paid off. I say have fun while you can.

  • Not getting into trouble is my thing.

  • no.. bad kids are just people who think too highly of themselves... im good to a degree but i feel bad for "bad" kids cuz they seem to have a shitty view on life

  • beta for life!