What are things that need to change within Our global society? How about in your own local society? List as many as you want?


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  • Capitalism, racism, sexism, religious interference in the state, sectarianism, colonialism, greed, borders...


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  • I could certainly name many things here but I think number one would be global warming. The danger of global warming and generally polluting our environment and our nature is that it's not a single issues as many people falsely believe. It's not just about temperatures rising a bit. It's about pretty much any big, global or regional problem you can think of and almost all of these problems can at least partially be traced back to global warming. Whether it's natural disasters or poverty or starvation or wars over sparse resources etc. etc. Humanity must find a way to live more in tact with nature and to live off green energy 100%. Otherwise we won't make it into the next century. I believe we have this responsibility. I don't have children yet but I remember my childhood well. I loved being out in the forest with my dad, drinking from streams etc.. We also built big Igloos in the winter. My children won't experience this anymore because for the past 10-15 years or so, we haven't had decent snowfall anymore in the winter where I live. We just get yucky rain-snow mud. This makes me really sad for my future children and all the other future children. It makes me sad that I will tell them about things I did out in the nature that they can't do anymore or animals that might have gone extinct by the time my kids are old enough to care (such as ice bears)... It makes me sad to think about telling them all about the good times and they won't understand it becomes it's not like that anymore.