If you were cursed and had to pick one, would you rather be 60cm tall or really ugly?

Let's say you are cursed and have to choose one. Would you rather be a shrunken 60cm (proportional shape to your actual size), or ugly as sin? Which one would be worse and why?

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  • id be a midget, after seeing the movie ant man. That would be cool.

    • Not really because you wouldn't be super strong like Ant Man. and you're 60cm not 1cm, you can't even hide.

    • i didn't mean it by saying i would shrunk to size of of ant man or be like him exactly... I'm comparing the advantages of a small person.. 60 cm is small enough to sneak and hide tho thats only 2 regular rulers tall, .

    • I don't know, that's about the size of a small dog, and they're not hard to see.