How do you save lion population?

So I've been watching documentaries about lion and from what I understand there is only 40,000 left. there not getting over hunted, but are dying off do to human progress. Which meaning we keep building more and more to the point were they don't have a place to live. beyond the national parks survive, how do we stop lion and other animal that are dying off form human growth from dying out for good I know human aren't gonna stop expanding just for lion so what do we do to help there population grow outside of national parks


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  • I really care about protecting wildlife and the wild places they depend on to live. And you're absolutely right: As the human population grows and we encroach more and more into wild animals' homes it's the animals that lose out. With regard to the lion in Africa, there has to be better enforcement of anti-poaching laws. More wild areas need to be set aside and protected. People have to feel like they have a stake in ensuring that species like the lion survive. It's a difficult task, and there are a number of organizations who work on this problem. And the problem is real and growing, and not just with regard to the lion. We can't keep driving species after species off the face of the earth.

  • Short of stopping all progress there is nothing you can do 10 000 species go intinced every day and there is very little you can do about it