Do you like flowers? As in decorate your home with flowers?

I love flowers. I always used to put a fresh pot in my room, but I've stopped recently.

I do wonder how people afford it. They're so expensive if you put them in your room all the time.


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  • "They're so expensive if you put them in your room all the time."

    Precisely the reason I don't decorate my home with them. Why bother if they're gonna die real quick anyway?

    • Ha ha it's a girl thing. They're so beautiful and they smell so nice... it's the small things in life that bring me happiness.

      But they're so expensive so I can only afford them once in a while

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    • This is true. I guess I'm a colour person. I always buy flowers of different colour, although my favourite is roses.

      Ha ha no one in my entire life has ever bought me any (so no Valentine's day or birthdays). My mom has, but she doesn't count. I get happy buying myself flowers and inhaling them.

      In my culture, people love flowers so much, they even wear them on their hair!

    • Where are you from if I may ask?

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  • I do! I have some fake flowers on my nightstands. It's cheap and you don't have to worry about them dying. And as far as I'm concerned they look pretty damn real. I have 3 real cacti on my windowsill and one of those plants that's just a bunch of leaves, formed into a circle. I don't know how to describe it lol. But the leaves basically just grow around this plastic circle shape thingy, it looks pretty cool. The cacti survive without water for pretty long so I don't have to worry about them, and the plant thingy only needs water maybe twice a week.

    • You just gave me a good idea for having plants in my room. My room REALLY could do with the oxygen.

      I think I'm going to make a trip to buy some plants pretty soon

    • Cool! And if you just want a flower or something without having to worry about it dying, you could get a pretty cool looking one from ikea. I got mine from there. :) My favorite one is this
      Even the petals feel kinda soft and real. The soil is the only thing that makes it look fake but you won't notice that unless you actually bother to look really closely at it lol.


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  • I love flowers! I have a garden outside with various different kind. Inside, it's more green plants, but we do have flowers inside as well. We actually have a bonsai oak tree in our bedroom. ^.^

  • I am actually a big fan of flowers. I think they look great & really add to a room & can even smell great. I'm a 24 year old guy so I'm sure most guys won't agree with me lol, but it's what I think :)

    Flowers can be expensive, so I don't do it all the time.


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  • Yes, flowers look beautiful in a home, but, as you said, they're expensive. I can't have them around all the time.

  • We ( my husband & I) are extremely fortunate in actually owing a garden centre business .. And as my profile mentions our conservatory does resemble the looks of a greenhouse at times!

    • This is so great!

      If I may ask, did you attain some kind of certification to run your garden centre business?

      I've actually been looking at a couple of courses in floral decoration. I've always wanted to know more about them, but not sure if these classes are worth the money.

    • No certification.. Because we also own two other businesses which I inherited from my beloved late grandfather, we both hold diplomas in business management.

      Of course it all depends on how far you want to go or achieve in your chosen career.. If you are considering going into the florist industry, then you obviously need to source out the most appropriate course/studies available.

  • I'm very lucky for two reasons: my boyfriend buys me flowers quite often and my garden is always in bloom. Whoever planted it did so very smartly as all through the year there is something flowering. Right now I have daffodils and snow drops, in the summer I have roses and orange blossom and lambs ear and rhodedendrons (no idea how to spell them!) and so many many more... It's lovely having fresh flowers.

    • It is! And that's very sweet that your boyfriend buys you flowers.

      For some reason, when I cut flowers from my garden, they look amazing but they never smell as good as the ones I buy from the store. In fact they barely have any scent. Do you find that to be the case too? I'm wondering if they infuse the flowers at the store with floral scent

    • Some have a strong scent, others don't. I suspect they use flowers that have a strong scent. My roses smell beautiful, as does the orange blossom. The orange blossom grows next to my bedroom window so in the summer I wake up to the smell... It's gorgeous!

      And yes, he's incredibly awesome is my boyfriend... not just for buying me flowers :)

  • oh yea I loooveee flowers ^^
    flowers everywhere hahaha
    but yea it s hard to maintain but I ain t doing the job so...:P

  • Nah, my mom loves it.

  • I love them. I just never buy any but I do know that when j get my own house, I'm gonna have pretty plants and flowers everywhere lol