Do you think I held my own?

I got jumped by 3 people outside a nightclub last night, there was 3 of them swinging at me and obviously i was swinging back. the thing is the bouncers and gaurds ran to me and restrained me and they ran off. They said they only saw me throwing thumps, it took 3 officers and like two bodygaurds to detain me and i got arrested and now have to pay a 100 dollar fine.. My arms are very sore from the handcuffs today aswell.. by the way it's the first time i've ever been arrested and i obvioulsy regret getting into such a bad situation but i'm obviously going to defend myself when people jump me i'm mad they got away with no charges.. Anyways is that a sign i held my own against them? As much as i don't like getting into fights i still don't wanna lose them when i do and i feel like people will think im weak.


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  • How often do things like this Happen to you? You got jumped by 3 people it is a blessings that you're still alive. The streets are dangerous you know it could have been a lot worse. If it took 3 of them to team up and attack you then THEY are weak. Unless you did some fuck shit to justify getting jumped I say you did good


What Guys Said 1

  • i would look to see if there was any cameras that saw this happen. then you can use self defence. But when the cops had to use a few of them, thats you being a jerk. what you should of been calm and told them, then they help.