Are a lot of people at University still v?

Especially smart people?

Because I remember talking to this girl who went on to become a CPA saying, 'if a person thinks they're old enough to do that, they should also bear the consequences,' when we were talking about babies and people who may not want them.

It got me wondering if she meant it was still too young for her to have sex, and wonder if a lot of people in University are still virgins.


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  • Well, I can't speak for everyone... but I'm at a university and I'm still a virgin. Am I smart? Hmm, I can leave that up for you to decide haha. I think I'm relatively intelligent.

    I think she was saying that sex requires maturity and accountability for actions. Age doesn't necessarily determine maturity though. She was saying that pregnancy (and hence a baby) will always be associated with sex, and no matter how much birth control or protection you use, there is always the chance of pregnancy occurring.
    And, instead of being shocked and clueless every time it happens, you should prepare for one mentally and such before even having sex.

  • I am


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  • I was a virgin until my junior year of college.