Have you ever left a skid mark on any gym's equipment?

I did it when I was 14... hahahahahaha...

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  • No, I have not. However, when I use to go to the gym I would have to poop there so I have left skidmarks in the gym's toilet bowl probably. I volunteer at the zoo and I have had lots of times I have left skidmarks in the zoo's toilet bowl after pooping there.

    • The ones I leave in the toilet at the zoo often are not small ones either. They are nice big ones. LOL sorry.

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    • Yes, I volunteer at the zoo and I always poop there every Sunday and I leave the side of the toilet bowl covered in big poop skidmarks and even big chunks of my poo stuck to the bowl for the next person. It is a lovely present for the next guy. LMAO

    • Thank you for MHA. :)

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