Are most people my age lonely?

I'm starting to realize how lonely I really am

Busy with school, working out sort of, with work, with homework, friends have went their own way, no romantic interests...

I'm such a lonely bastard...


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  • trust me at your age it's expected, people around our age start concentrating on themselves, it's life but start talking too people

    • Dude I have no friends in college it sucks..


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  • Everyone goes off to do their own thing after high school, yeah. It's just a time where everyone is expected to develop themselves and grow a personality after their dreaded teen years

    • I see, I have a strong barricade blocking my personality, that barricade being a quiet person unfortunately

    • You don't have to express yourself constantly to have a personality, it's about your connection with yourself too. Do you know yourself? Do you know what makes you happy? Do you know where you wanna be in 5 years? Are you doing stuff to get there? Being shy or introverted doesn't have to hold you back, just do you.

    • I really like the advice you just gave me thanks.

  • Yes I feel lonely since leaving school, all my friends when to uni while I stayed here haha. Don't know if it's an age thing though.

  • im a lonely bastard too. want to be mates?

    • Yea hows it going man? Lol

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    • It's getting ready to storm! And you?

    • we are just getting out of the storms today was a grand day the other days were wet past month roads were flooded 3 or 4 times

  • Yeah, so I often listen to Akon - Mr. Lonely