Ex girlfriends mom found risky messages and she wrote me off... How do I handle it?

My ex girlfriends mom found a few risky messages on her phone and from what I can gather she thinks I'm the worst human on the planet. We werent sexting but there are a few things that point in that direction. We aren't together anymore, but I still stay in contact with her and I don't whant her parents to have a really bad memory of me... What should i do, how should I handle the situation?


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  • Maybe just try apologizing to them. It's not like their daughter was not involved as well. But yeah, try apologizing.


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  • You're likely never going to see her parents much. They'll forget.

    • That is true, but this whole thing makes me feel really bad about myself...

    • Yea I know... But what can we do? It's already happened, don't go making it worse. Situation's bad enough already.