I'm attracted to a name. Is this normal?

This is really weird and i don't know why but i'm attracted to the name Laura. I tend to like everyone who has that name and when i find out that their name is Laura, my attraction to them increases.

I don't know why this is. Is this normal? Anyone else like this?


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  • This is very interesting! Not knowing you or the circumstances, I can only speculate on the reasons why this could be.

    'What's in a name?' the line from Romeo and Juliet goes. But actually names do have a significant influence on your impression of a person. Studies show that certain names make a more favourable impression than others. This could be because of positive precedents with the same name in the past, it's association, historically or phonetically with something postive, or simply the very sound of it evoking a certain emotion.

    This is why companies spend so much time, research and money into choosing names for their products.

    It might be that Laura is one of such names for you... Why? I can't say. Maybe it is because of a lasting impression Created by a Laura you met In the past, or read about in a book or encountered on TV. The name might rhyme with something that you really like... Could be so many reasons.

    I also think that this is only one of many names that you might be attracted to. Just that you have come to notice this one. I think all of us have our set of names that we favour subconsciously...


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  • yes it probably brings up memories of that first laura that really caught your attention. its instictual


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  • Nah, not weird! That name just strikes a chord for you.

  • Oh god Jesus that's a red flag name for me now. Pyscho ex by that name. Real psycho bitch. Absolute cunt of a bitch like words can't even describe.

  • No, not normal, I've never heard of that before

  • I love the name Sophia
    Attracted to it though? I don't know about that