Should I go on another trip in may or wait until October?

Okay, so I really can't make up my mind. I really want to go to bali again on may with my cousin but if i go I would have to survive there with only a little money with me. Or should i just wait till October (going to spend my birthday there) and have the money to spend on pretty much everything i want?

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  • it's probably better to wait. no fun if you are there and have to pay attention all the time on how much you spend

    • I have enough money now but I don't know i just want to bring more loo

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    • You're welcome!

      Yeaa i think it has something to do with this stupid new update thing

    • Yes it's fucking annoying

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  • October is what I had Opted For, @Lady7... What a Wonderful Birthday Gift to Oneself.
    This way you can Afford the Stay, you Have Months More to Save and Save.
    However, as Wise as I am, As Alert that I am, I have Seen Lately that Bali May Not be The... Best. Perhaps Another Choice in Countries might be More suitable Like even Amsterdam at the Moment, which I even considered of Visiting in the Near future. It seems to be One of the Safer countries right now.
    Check with your Travel agent Before Booking any Vacation. Today it is Best from the Rest to Look further into This Before Boarding, Being you have Hard earned Money that Should be Well Spent.
    Good luck. xx

    • I want to go to gili too. Like im gonna stay in gili for 3 days and bali for 7-9 days. And noo i actually just got back from there and its all good, nothing to worry about hehehe

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    • You're welcome @paris13 xxo


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What Guys Said 4

  • October, it's your birthday and you'll have more money. Perfect combination.

  • You should defiantly wait... make it count

  • go in may and see if its worth your birthday visit

    • It's worth it to wait until my birthday. The weather is nicer in October

  • Instead of going AGAIN to Bali
    You should wait till October to make a memorable birthday
    by the way what date? just curious my b'day is also in October:p


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  • wait until you have more money!