Who have seen food inc?

isn't it sad the way they torture animals just for us to survive?


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  • As much as i saw the footage the level of starving people in the world don't care what a chicken or a cow has to go through, if given a choice they would gladly kill the animal with they bare hands if it meant feeding them and they friends and families with it. You all need to understand third world nations don't care for first world problems; the basic need for food clean water and a place to sleep trumps even education in most places although an education is needed some grasp it in desperation to get out of poverty and starvation but the rest aren't so lucky.


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  • I have and all the other ones on Netflix. Forks over Knives, Vegucated , cowspiracy, crazy sexy cancer, food matters, hungry for a change and earthlings if you can stomach it is on youtube.

    It's a big part of the reason why I eat mostly plant based with just very few animal products
    But even before I watched those it was always intuitive to me. I could never stomach the thought of chewing a dead animal. In English language you have different words for the animal and the meat. Which is a bizarre detachment. Most languages don't do that. Pig is the same word as pork. Beef the same as cow, sheep the same as mutton. You don't need to tell children where meat comes from, they learn it with the language and it was always weird to me that everyone was just fine with that.

    I literally remember being in daycare looking at a story book about farm animals and wondering "why are people ok with eating them?" But I was a kid and eating meat is normal so I just told myself it's normal, healthy even. And I just now a few years ago began to reevaluate that decision. But ya 5 year old me apparently had a better moral compass than 15 year old me


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  • I don't torture animals. But I need to eat. So... sorry.

  • That and people abusing other people to justify themselves

    • I think that's fast food nation you're thinking of, a really... disturbing film

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    • So that means you haven't seen how you get milk from dairy cows, if you watched that you might swear off of milk too and all dairy products.

    • @Asker I'm very well educated about the topic and fast food nation is actually not so much about animal welfare as other issues of the fast food industry. Watch it if you think it's that important and then comment again

      " If they kill all of the cows there would be no milk" are you serious? I'm sure they talked about the dairy industry in that movie as well. How they take day year old calves from their mother and their mother cries for them for weeks. And then they all end up in the meat industry after very short lives anyway
      It's hypocritical to judge the meat industry so harshly but think dairy is completely ok

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  • So become a vegan. Most people have seen food inc.