Somebody is stealing from my house?

I don't think this is a website to ask people about stealing but I need help. A couple days ago someone randomly came in the middle of the night when my mom was sleeping and stole money and blunts (yeah ik it's weird) from my her purse. I know it's my friends association with people who steal bc his brothers are known in my town for stealing. I don't think it's his brothers bc they just do it for drugs but who knows. My friend wouldn't do it but I've met a couple of his friends and they were quite sketchy. So tonight I left my house for three hours and I came home with clothes in the hallway, trash on the kitchen floor, my umbrella broken, random items from my room misplaced, and I had 25 dollars and someone stole the 20 so now I have 5. There was also a KFC bag with cigarellos in it and when I left my house I dont remember seeing KFC on the table. I texted my mom but she's gonna be really pissed. My friend is a good friend and I don't wanna leave him. But does anyone have any ideas to see what's going on in my house except for locking the door? Thanks;


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  • Nany cams


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  • You don't lock your door when you leave your house?

    • My mom said she was gonna lock it when I left before she went to her shift but she texted me and said she left the door unlocked so :/

    • I think that's your problem there.