How do you get a coffee stain out of a white mattress?

I was drinking cold Starbucks coffee out of one of the glass bottles on my bed and I spilled it. It went straight through my sheet. Luckliy I threw my phone across the room so my phone wouldn't get ruined. I feel so stupid I already tried stain remover it didn't work. Any ideas?


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  • Do not use bleach. It will permanently damage the mattress.

    Use a clorine free (oxidizing) bleach alternative. I recommend Oxy-clean. Disolve a small amount of oxy-clean (1 - 2 tablespoons) in about 8 ounces of hot water. Spray this mixture liberally over the stain. Let set for one hour. Blot the area with a cloth and fresh water. Allow to dry.

    Stain removed. No damage to the mattress.

    If you don't have an oxidizing cleaner, do nothing until you get some. Even waiting a few days is not a problem.

    DO NOT use any other method or you will damage the mattress.


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  • Go to the nearest farm feed store and purchase a one-gallon container of cattle semen. Using a paint brush, apply it generously to the stained sheet. It won't remove the coffee stain, but no one will care about it anymore once you tell em about the bull spunk!

  • DON'T use bleaching!!! First try wetting a washcloth/towel with hydrogen peroxide. Dab/gently rub the area (don't scrub though). Dab up the wet with a dry towel.

    Repeat as necessary until stain is gone. If this doesn't do it... try the process again, but applying a tiny bit of baking soda to the mattress.

    • I was just going to suggest hydrogen peroxide!

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    • My friend suggested it and it's worked well on stains so I figured coffee wasn't too difficult haha.

    • @lanternhill Yeah. I've gotten poop stains, coffee stains, and even some weird random stains out that I have no idea where they came from.

      Follow me and message me. :)

  • Life hack. Spill coffee on the rest of the bed.

  • Use bleaching powder or if it is strong stain use light acid too.


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  • Bleach