When can you consider yourself a guitariat?

I've been playing the guitar for about 10 months now but it's probably less than that cause I only practice a few times a week. Um I know theory as in the pentatonic scale, how to read music, how to write music, sharps and flats and all of that stuff and I know how the scale works, I know the different chord types, i know how to transpose songs and I can read and write tableture too. So I'm good enough with the theory, I have all my basics. But I don't know if I can consider my self a guitariat. I did really well in the course this year but still. I can do stuff like hammer ons and stuff to spice up a song. I can come up with strumming patterns for songs and I can improvise a bit as well. But I just feel like I'm not that good cause my guitar doesn't sound that nice. Or maybe it's just the guitar itself cause I was playing a semi electric at the music store yesterday and it sounded like heaven. My guitar is all laminate and sounds dull. But I don't know. At what point can I consider myself a guitarist?


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  • With years of experience?

  • I mean, a guitarist is someone who plays the guitar. If you can do that, I'd consider you one.