So what's the difference between an introvert and a shy person?

I always assumed those 2 are related... but I asked a question just a while ago about being ashamed of being an introvert and a shy person before... and some people were tellin' me those 2 aren't related...


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  • An introvert is quiet because they have nothing to say. A shy person is scared of talking.


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  • their the same thing.


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  • Introversion = being around people can be exhausting; values alone time.

    Shyness = being reserved or feeling nervous around others. Introverted people can also be shy, but this isn't always the case.

  • Hmmm I've never thought about it before but maybe they meant that the introvert intentionally chooses not to talk to people and the shy person is just scared.


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  • introvert has nothing to do with not liking people. It has to do with how you "recharge your batteries". An extrovert will recharge and relax by being with people, for example at a party or something, he needs social contact and without it he gets "tired". An introvert however recharges by being alone, for example reading a book, and being social with a lot of people will be tiresome in the long run. But it does NOT mean introverts does not like being social, it simply means it tires them and that they need some time alone to relax too.

    Shyness however is defined as "Shyness (also called diffidence) is the feeling of apprehension, lack of comfort, or awkwardness especially when a person is in proximity to other people."

    See the difference? Introverts are alone because the like it and it' how they relax, and have no problem being social (at least now due to being an introvert). Whereas a shy person will feel apprehended, uncomfortable and awkward, and thus seek to be alone to avoid those feelings.

  • Introversion is a preference for spending more time alone or in very small groups. Introverts tend to find big parties and big social events tiring, and need to 'recharge' with quiet time. This is true even with people they like and are comfortable around. Extroverts by contrast feed off the energy of groups.

    Shyness is anxiety in social situations particularly around speaking with or socializing with people you don't know well,.

    There are a lot of shy extroverts. Some introverts aren't shy at all, because they don't care.

    • Shy extroverts? How's it possible?

    • very much possible. And it's not uncommon for said "shy extroverts" to often be depressed or feel down. Because they have trouble getting the socal interreaction needed to be happy and recharge.

    • Exactly. A shy extrovert is happiest when with a group of friends where they are well accepted and having fun, but they are shy making friends or breaking out of their shell.

      The introvert could be wowing everyone with jokes, life of the party, and after a few hours, can't wait to go home and chill.