How to apologize to someone, when you was very horrible and you are in the wrong?

How to apologize to someone when you was so horrible? I was horrible to someone because I took something the wrong way. i want to tell this person I am very so. I don't want to hut say I am sorry. that is rubbish I want to apologize in the best way ever so people how do I do it?


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What Girls Said 2

  • I have taken things the wrong way and offended people by my response. Only later to discover my perception was totally wrong. Personally i would just tell the person outright how you had misunderstood and just how sorry you are for hurting them . Apologising can be difficult to do , but it shows you value your friendship more than your pride. Then it is up to the person to accept your apology or not.

  • How about going out to dinner and buying roses? If not that make sure however you handle this make sure it's face to face not on a phone cause that could make you look as if your not truly sorry.


What Guys Said 1

  • the ipmportant thing to make a situation where that person has to listen to you. don't need big apology line just let the person know that u feel guilty and it will break ice per time.

    • Ok thanks mate I will give it a go