Have you ever made a questionable decision that turned out fine in the end?

For the past two days I've been thinking heavily about my future and trying to
decide between two places for me to move to.

One of the places I've really wanted to move to for awhile now, and another place would essentially just be me moving to be closer to someone.

I've been weighing pros and cons of place b and I'm still confused on if it'll be worth it in the end if - and when - things don't turn out like planned.

so have you ever made any risky, uncertain decisions and had them turn out fine for you?


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  • Oh I've had A LOT of questionable decisions. :D Majority of them did turn out fine. :)

    • That's kind of reassuring

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    • @Toad-1 Not for long. Hopefully in about a year or so. I will be packing my bags and moving to Europe. :P

    • Thank you for mhg ^^


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  • Yeah, taking the job I have now after being unemployed for a few months. Only reason is because it's a sales job and I couldn't find any reviews on the place. There's a lot of scams out there, especially in sales that prey on people who are unemployed or just out of college.

    After the interview, it turned out they pay $30,000 plus commission and benefits. Not the best job ever but it at least pays the bills.

  • I don't remember ever taking stupid decisions. I always think things through before doing them. Of course, sometimes it goes wrong anyways, but that's life isn't it?

  • audentes fortuna iuvat

    every risk has a reward, you just may not realize it right away.

  • Sure a girl did things to me once in public if I got caught I woulda gone to jail but it was fun, I wouldn't do it again though

  • I would say that everything I've ever done that turned out fine is questionable...


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