Anyone on here have some weird sleeping habits?

I talk in my sleep, answer questions, bite, and apearently make animal noises. (I've seen all but making animal noises in videos) All while I'm sleeping. My friends tease me about it whenever I sleep over and ask me stuff and make videos of it. Does anyone else have some strange sleeping habits?


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  • does not sleeping count? i suffer from insomnia so get very minimal sleep.

    • oh that's awful, you must get so tired

    • yeah, but on the plus side im pretty productive haha. because i dont sleep, there's no point in just laying in bed wide awake so i do get a lot done.

    • that's a cool way of looking at it

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  • lol animal noises, that's awesome.

    I've had Insomnia for years and i've been using a sleeping mask and I also sleep with my ear buds in so I can listen to relaxing videos on YouTube while I sleep. Probably pretty weird to walk in on someone with a sleeping mask on and a laptop next to their bed with ear buds in.

    • lol, yeah, I was at my friends' house over the summer and lets just say, the neighbors asked if my friend got a puppy :) I could never live with imsomia, that must stink

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    • lol well at least your dreams keep you entertained.

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  • can't gi sleep without fapping before.


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