Don't know how to handle living with social anxiety anymore?

I'm about to be 25 and all I ever do is stay at home. Even in the rare occasion I go out I can't enjoy myself because I feel so out of my element. And even when I do want to go out sometimes something happens where plans fall through. So I just pretty much feel like I have control over nothing. I'm by myself so much that I get bored being alone. It's not even really comfortable anymore. Being at work is a struggle socializing with my coworkers who I've known at least a year. I understand the basics of having a conversation, like asking questions about the person or whatever you are both experiencing, listening, but I can't seem to sustain a conversation enough to make connections with people. Like to the point where you can plan to hang out together and become friends. I haven't made any new friends in over a year. And my old ones have their own lives going on. This is affecting every area of my life so everyday is a really difficult struggle to get through. I live with family but I even feel anxious around them. So I isolate myself. I am seeking therapy and tried medication but I don't know if it's working and I've seen so many people I just don't know what to do anymore. It physically hurts too much being alone this much especially around other people and seeing them enjoy others' company. I'm pretty much desperate now. I don't even know if any kind of advice will help I'm just venting hoping something can help. What's the point of being alive if you're too afraid of living...


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  • I think a good place to start will be to stop place quite that much value in how other people perceive you or how many friends you have. Focus more on doing things that make YOU happy. People can generally pick up on vibes like that, where they can tell that you're somewhat happy with yourself and are not overly self conscious or anything. Once they think that way about you, the connection/conversations you'll have with any further people, potential friends, will likely come along much more naturally.

  • people will only make friends with others if they share common ground and interests.