Guys help how do you handle this issue?

ok its personal but im never comfertable when it comes to lower body cloths because it either annoys my dick and makes it uncomfertable or because it outlines my dick... how do i get pants/underwear that are comfy and dont show my dick to everyone?

bump :(


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  • Sometimes it happens and trying to hide it could make it more noticeable. Just like some girls can't hide big tits or camel toes. Wearing loose shirts and pants would only hide our legs and belly but the other things would definitely show. Embrace your moose knuckle/dick print. It's natural.

    • im not even big tho its 6 inches i shouldn't even have this problem

    • Oh. Well I'm a girl soo.. I guess I can't help that much. Every guy in my family wears thick jeans and khakis, like Levi's and Dickies. They don't show anything.

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