Should gifs and memes be banned from the internet since they have zero purpose?

First of all, show some respect and don't post any memes/gifs on purpose...

I really really hate dat fuckin' trend... I hate it nowdays people post a shitty image isntead of postin' an answer.. they think they're being funny but they don't... I never laughed wid a meme/gif not even once... they make me wanna throw up instead... it reminds me how shitty internet and computers've became... and dat simply disgusts me...

If ya ever search any archives from old BBS during 80s-90s then yer gonna see how people used to post... text answers and NO images at all... instead of images they used ASCII art to replace images... which's better since they put some effort to create something like dat...

Should gifs and memes be banned from the internet since they have zero purpose?

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I knew it'd happen... fuck it...


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  • Klaatu stop being so emo. Memes and gifs are fun! :)

    • Lol thats who this is huh

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    • And yes ya found it... I'm surprised though since it's been months since I deleted ma account... now wot do ya want as a prize? MHO?

      I'll give it once 24 hours have passed...

    • But people please stop carin' whether I go hidden or not... it's not against GAG rules...

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  • Bringing joy and laughter is a purpose.
    Like listening to music... does it really serve a purpose? Yes, it offers stimulating emotion. That's why people buy/illegally download it lol

    • How can ya fuckin' compare music wid memes? Music's art... memes are shit...

      And I don't laugh wid memes they're not funny... they're tragic...

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    • Ya mean in memes or generally? I really feel like I was born in a wrong era...

    • In general. The fact that this subject means that much kinda points to the fact you're taking yourself too seriously.


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  • Sure, live a joyless existence. But don't shit on other people who enjoy something because your heart is a dead shriveled thing.

  • Yes they should since webm's are a billion times better. :D

    • They are gifs as well aren't they?

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    • I mean always anonymous...

      As for BBS...

    • Ah kk. Well a lot of people liked having you here.

      I'll check that out right now :)

  • No I like them!

  • Why don't we ban the internet and return to the woods?

    • Internet's not bad by default... Internet was good during its first years... its main purpose's to communicate wid people from all around da world... it should remain as it was during 90s... now people fucked it up...

      Why they did? I have no idea... people are just idiots and they destroy something good to make it worse...

  • Loosen up, its just the internet. You need to find a sense of humor!!!


    Why? Because they make things more fun!


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