When it comes to travel which do you prefer trains, planes or automobiles?


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  • I prefer trains, I like them a lot :) Planes make me kinda anxious and I tend to get carsick on long journeys in a car so trains are the best choice.

    • Trains are fun. I dislike that the Windows don't open. But it's fun to watch the scenery.

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  • Those don't really overlap that much in terms of what you'd use them for.

    The plane is for very long trips or overseas.

    The train is for travel between cities close by or commuting.

    The car can, in theory, do it all, but I think most people drive around their local area!


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  • Planes BUT I go to San Diego a lot & prefer to drive. I rent a car where I live & drive. The rental & gas costs are about the same as just renting in SD. That saves me the airfare money.