I just did something so incredibly stupid and am not getting over it?

About a month ago, an old friend of mines brother was killed in a crosswalk. I shared the news story and I tagged his mom and sister. I don't have Facebook figured out, apparently if you tag someone in something it shows up on their page as well as yours. Right around the time I shared it her sister messaged me asking me to take it down because his mom does not want the news story on her page. I don't have a computer and I don't have messenger on my iPad or phone so I never saw the message. His family probably thinks I am an asshole. They have known me for years so I am sure they know I meant no harm but how can I get over this? I have such an incredibly sick feeling in my stomach.


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  • Uh you don't jump and do something you know nothing about in the future. You have to forgive yourself, that is first and foremost


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