Girls, The Shaving Debate?

Since my early teens I have shaved up to just above my knees, it was what my mother always told me to do so I followed. Warning me that if I shaved any higher, the hairs on my thighs would grow back darker and thicker (Which never really happened). While many of my friends tell me that it's 'strange' that I only shave up to my knees, they all shave their entire legs. I have other friends who only shave up to the bottom of their knees, and very few who don't bother to shave at all. I've been wondering if I'm one of just a few or if there are many others just like me in this case.

So what's your opinions? Where do you shave up to?


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What Girls Said 3

  • My entire leg. My hairs have always been thin and white, even though I've been shaving since I was about 13. But I don't like how they start glistening in the sun. So I shave all of it.
    There's no right or wrong way to do it, though.

  • I shave my entire leg and my hair at my thigh have not turned any darker or became harder.

  • Well I don't shave, I wax. But I also do it just above my knees. I'm afraid the hairs would grow back bigger and darker too ^^ And my hairs are very light and blonde so it doesn't bother me.