My crush for 17 years, does he like me now?

i have known my crush since we were 12 years old. we talked in school and i have always had a crush on him and still do to this day. we hadn't talked in 10 years but we are facebook firends. on my 29th birthday he commented on my photo and also told me happy birthday. then two months later he started talking to me about making him cookies since i was baking for the holidays. i told him "yes, of course i will for you". i am separted from my husband but i never put that stuff on facebook. we have been messaging each other for a few months now. he asks me questions but it takes him awhile to respond back to me. we like some of the same things and now he recently has been liking my posts and pics on facebook. he never has asked about my status and he seems ok when we talk. but how do i know if he likes me back? why does he take days to message me back? i gave him my number but he has never used it nor has he gave me his number. am i wasting my time on him?


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  • He might just be polite and happy to contact someone from childhood. That's why I like facebook. The number exchange is a pretty good indicator that he is not interested.


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  • Its really complicated but i think you should wait more time to understand that.