Do you have a cynical mindset?

People often say im such a cynic but i just feel like im looking at people realistically. What do you initially think of when you see the word cynic? And what do you think of people who claim the title?


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  • I'm a cynic but I don't go around telling people I am. I just let it come out in my viewpoints which aren't always as rosy as people would like, especially around here.

    But better to be cynical than naïve.


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  • I used to have a cynical mindset and I guess I still do a little bit but it was pretty exhausting to be so cynical all the time :P It started making me a little unhappy to think that way about things constantly so I kinda just forced myself to be a little less cynical and now things are a bit more relaxed.

    • Honestly it does get tiring at times, and i fancy the idea of being less cynical but i guess there's a part of me thats feels safe in being wary and refuses to let me change

    • Yeah, I have anxiety too so being that cynical all the time made my anxiety play up quite a lot because I'd get so worried about various things so it was probably for the best that I made myself stop :P


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  • People often confuse cynicism and scepticism, the former is just thinking everything is bad, the latter has actually taken the facts into account and will give credit where it's due.

    • I guess the mistake is in that they could go hand in hand a lot of times?

    • Well, I dont think the majority of people know the difference tbh but they they do indeed go hand in hand a lot. Most people are never as good at things as they think and they don't like to be told of this fact. A true cynic who dislikes sports for example will literally call the world number 1 of that sport crap, and stand by his assertion.

  • I am without question a cynic in every sense of the word. Works for me, I'm not the depressing negative cynic, I just expect much out of people.
    I find life is easier if you expect people to screw you, you get pleasantly surpised once in a while.

    • yeah I don't know why everyone thinks that someone cynical in nature is just depressing and negative all the time like that stereotypical old guy who shakes his cane at everyone

    • Yeah, I'm actually a pretty happy person amd being cynical is probably why. I'm never suprised when things go badly.

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  • I am not a cynic. I think people who are need to lossen up. Not everything is so black and white in life.