My parents think I shouldn't go to a mental hospital?

This is not a website to talk about mental health but I honestly have nowhere else to get advice. I told my parents I want go to a mental hospital/behavioral health center to cool down and get some help for my behavior issues that I have that my parents hate because right now I feel like committing suicide and commiting battery on a few of my friends who are ignoring me now, my parents think I'm only acting normal which I'm not and think I'm fine. My dad does not believe in mental health help and my mom just thinks I'm perfect even though she can't handle me according to her. I want to make a referral for myself but I don't know how my parents would react. I just feel worthless (I'm trying not to make you guys feel sorry for me or any other stupid crap.) and that's how I'm feeling right now and feels like nobody is giving me support. My friends are ignoring me and my parents can't handle thing so I think it's the best thing to do to sort out problems and cool down. I also also abuse drugs too so I think I could help me. Any help? Thank you!


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  • I think you should talk to them openly and just say you need help. Maybe when you mentioned the words "mental hospital" to them, they got scared.

    There are many other approaches and seeing a therapist might be enough to help you and they could take it a lot better.

    I'd try that first. Good luck. I hope you get better.

  • You can't just self diagnose sounds more like and and depressive issues go see a therapist or psychologists someone who knows what they're talking about and get their opinion plus under 18 is young to go to mental hospital don't you have school and shit go to a therapist weekly and get their advise if they think your mental and need urgent help your parents are gonna say fuck no.

    • I've known people my age getting admitted and still focused on school shit but true

    • I just don't think it's wise to go to a mental hospital at your age and maybe you think because others are that you should to but honestly this sounds like weekly appointments with a Councillor or something would help and I think your parents would be much happier with that.

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  • Look up TWLOHA if you don't know them already. They can provide advice in this kind of situation. Don't worry about your parents right now. You need to do what's best for you.