What Movie Scares Girls the most?

So a girl I like is coming around to my place who's currently a friend and will sleep over. She said she wants to watch a scary movie but would be ok with watching a horror movie.

She also gets scared easily. I thought it'd be romantic if I terrify her so she wants to cuddle etc.

What's the scariest movie you can think off?

She's seen the Ecorcist of Emily Rose


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  • I heard that Insidious was pretty scary.

    • do you have a most terrifying movie. I want her to shit her pants so she has to cuddle me

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    • Well ask her what she hasn't seen and what she's interested in

    • i did, she said i can choose. but don't choose one too scary. So i'm looking for the scariest one i can find but i can't think of one

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  • Sigh, just watch a romcom man.


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