What makes birds of prey such effective hypercarnivores?

Compared to predatory mammals, predatory birds are comaparativley lightly built so one would think that in confrontations, the mammalian predators would outclass the birds of prey. However if you look at eagles and owls, the relationship that they have with mammalian predators 1/2x to 2x their own weight isn't one of competition, they prey one them.
What makes birds of prey such effective hypercarnivores?

How do they do this?


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  • surprise attacks, manueverability, better vision and thus easier tracking and a suprisingly strong build (thanks to their latice like bone structure which makes them significantly lighter but with only minimal reduction in bone strength (kind of like how I beams work)). They can strike from above without even having to worry about a counter attack and with their speed strength and great long distance vision (allowing them not only to spot prey but prepare their attack far in advance) they can strike with considerable force before the mammal can even respond. Its actually really impressive.

  • Its the manner of their attack. From the sky, high velocity, total surprise and full commitment to the kill.

  • It's simply how God designed them. ; - )

    • nope, it's simply how they evolved :)

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    • You won't consider it because as you've shown countless times before even when presented with peer reviewed evidence you dismiss it as flawed and obscured without even trying to justify why it is somehow flawed (example: cats and dogs where I gave you morphological, genetic and fossil evidence

      "The Red Fox: The Cat Like Canine" Published in nature.

      Spaulding, M.; Flynn J. J.; Stucky, R. K. (2010) Anew basal Carnivoramorphan (Mammalia) from the ‘Bridger B’ (Black’s Fork Member, Bridger Formation, Bridgerian NALMA, Middle Eocene) of Wyoming, USA. Paleontology 53: 815-832.)
      So you are set in your world view and whenever I present you with evidence all you will do is change the goal post and insist it's flawed without even explaining why in a classic case of assertions without justifications. So I'm not going to waste my time with you a gain, bye.

    • Still peddling your little cart full of biological knock-offs, I see. Trying to hawk secondary items as though they were the real thing. What you don't understand is that I'm a great fan of science in all it's disciplines. What you fail to grasp (which is ironically the very reason you fail to grasp in general) is the existence of the Alpha Scientist. Until you do, you'll never be more than just another monkey playing with the football. Have fun watching the reruns. Bye!