GAGers, what is one thing that your best friend doesn't know about you?

You have the option to go anon here :-)


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  • What?

    Many people don't even know I exist, so yes there are many things many people don't know about me and as I say I don't have a best friend in my life, I don't have a best friend here.


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  • I haven't told her that I'm in a relationship and have a boyfriend since December. Last time we talked about my boyfriend he way some guy from one of my classes who hugged me goodbye occasionally. That was in late June... Then I didn't see him for a while so no news on my front. Then my friend got engaged and was preparing for her wedding in a very short time and now she is busy with all the thank you notes she is writing and dinners she is invited to so I basically never get enough time to tell her what happened without just telling her I am in a relationship now. It doesn't help either that she lives far away and I can only call her to tell her this sort of stuff. But I'm going home for Easter and maybe if she finds enough time to get together I will break it to her. It would be weird if I one day announced my engagement to her out of the blue... lol

    • She beat me to that. Lol
      She told me she is pregnant... She stole my moment again 😂😱


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  • If he crosses me then I'll drop him in a heartbeat


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  • if my best friend doesn't know it, I don't see why you should, you creepy fucker! jk don't take it personal

    can't tell hun, sorry

    • No problem :-)

    • lol now I feel bad XD

      I'm kinda high right now lol (no, not weed, I can get high without drugs)

      sorry again lol

  • I have a very odd fetish.