What's the appeal of tattoos?

I don't get it. I personally would never get one nor do I want to see anyone elses at all and don't understand why anyone would want one? I've heard it's a form of expression... ok, still really don't get it. Like why put something permanent like that on your body? Especially something painful to get also? Is it to "hide" your body and/or take the focus off it? For those that go to extremes (covering most of their body) why be a walking "billboard"? Is it for attention or again, to hide your body? If you really like a design or saying why not just have a t-shirt made with it? lol. I think it's going to be one of those things I'll never understand. I'd have to like them I guess to understand it lol


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  • Honestly I have some that don't even have a meaning besides of I like them and I think that should be fine. You can't see them if I'm wearing normal clothes, maybe shorts and or skirts but usually in a bikini and or naked. A lot of people just like certain things and want them on their body and the majority start off getting something meaningful that will remind them of it everyday.. I don't think you can truly make someone understand why you got the tattoo (s) you got it's just there haha.


What Guys Said 1

  • I don't see any appeal either. Tattoos are ugly.