Do feelings like this ever go away?

Last year, I made friends with this guy. He was a great friend, and even helped me through a period of depression. I noticed though, that I started to like him as more than just a friend... I guess like developing feelings... And, acting on advice from family and friends, I told him (and asked him out). We went on one date and he said he liked me a lot... Then a few weeks later asked me to help him get a date with a friend of mine.

Against my own advise, I helped him... I just wanted him to be happy, and when he talks about her he is... But I still have those feelings about him, you know where so think about him as more than a friend. And it kills me when he talks about her and about how much he liked her... Will this go away?

P. s. I really don't want any suggestions about talking to him about it because I'm afraud he won't want to be friends anymore...


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  • No magic can happened here, without talking to the person, people don't perceive your love or admiration for them without you expressing it. You have to overcome the fear, and make the move, but if he is already in love, please go and look for your own love and just be respectful friends with him.

    • I thought we were clear on our feelings... Then suddenly we weren't... The reason I don't want to talk to him about this is because I don't want him to feel guilty or anything like that... I want him to be happy, even if it isn't with me. I just want to know if there is even a chance of these feelings ever going away.

    • Yes there are many chances of it going away. For now it is registered on your mind, if you allow blissful happy events to take over you, it will erase the memory.

  • my only suggestion is to back off and allow your self to move on. doing so will give you the space to get past him and go on with your life


What Girls Said 1

  • Feelings takes time to go away.. And it won't be in a da so its more of a step by step process.