What items should I do a review on for youtube?

I'm thinking about putting a few videos on YouTube. I have 2 already of my umbrella cockatoo I want to do like a miscellaneous channel. I want to do reviews in products like shoes, food, travel items, etc. My question is what should I review? For my first review I plan to do a review on a pair of shoes that I bought. Should I do an article that follows the video or no?

  • Yes do it it will probably be a success!
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  • Complete waste if time
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  • Do it if YOU want to do it, because chances are no one else will give a shit. If you're doing it for some imaginary audience, you'll only disappoint yourself.


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  • You probably won't get many views, but hey do it anyways, wouldn't hurt!

  • Burger King's new hot dogs... but only if you can create you own flashy new graphic with the hot dogs shooting out of an exploding star ten spinning into place in the middle of the screen with lights and hip music


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