Stories about bad friends?

I recently had to let go of a bad friend and i know it was the right desision but still hurts me. What hurts the most is the way i have beed treated and not that i actually lost him from my life as this was a good thing. This friend was a user , one of them that they are there every time they need something and they ignore you all the rest time. After a year i just had enough and let go. Any other stories of bad friends, i will fell better when i realise i am not alone lol


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  • I had a friend who was similar. He was never around unless it suited him. Generally a real d-bag.


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  • I have a few. The problem with me is that I get attached to people so much and even though they may be toxic to me, constantly make me cry, feel hurt and don't even know why I still talk to them, I have an extremely hard time letting go because Im too forgiving when it comes to my friends.
    One of mine was one cause of my depression, and at times she said really hurtful things to me which ended up making me cut myself. So yeah, but that was years ago and she's no longer my best friend, we are acquaintances instead and its just better to keep it that way.

    • i am surprised you still keep those people in your life after the way they treated you. I used to get attached and keep trying and trying but not anymore, i have realized that people like this do not worth the friendship we offer to them. Thank you for the answer

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  • I've never had bad friends. I am one though.


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