What contributes to you thinking someone is a virgin or not?

I am a 18 year old female and I had my first boyfriend. We didn't have sex, but my best guy friend thinks we did. SO I am curious to why sometimes we believe some people aren't virgins or are.


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  • Usually somebody's age and personality contribute. It's always an educated guess which can still be wrong.

    For example if you have an outgoing guy who is in his 20's and an outgoing lady of the same age, there is an above average chance they are not virgins.

    However, if you have a shy, reserved 16-18 or even 25 year old male then there is a good chance he is a virgin.
    The same goes for a female although her chances of still being a virgin are less than the male's after the age of 20.

    Where all this logic can sometimes fall down is where the shy reserved people are actually sexual deviants behind closed doors but that is a smaller percentage of those people.
    So you can never be completely sure but you can make an educated guess and be right at least most of the time.


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  • They avoid talking about sexual things.
    They are "pretty Christian" compared to most girls.
    They don't cuss much.
    They dress rather conservatively.

    I dunno.

    • Umm i pretty much fit intoso some of these. but i do dress nicely and according to my shape. But i still get people thinking i am not a virgin

  • I don't even think such things. It's rude.


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  • I'm a virgin and I usually don't go around telling people about my personal stuff. But for some odd reason, people seem to have a sixth sense and automatically assume I'm a virgin. Super weird and always has me thinking back confused about whether I disclosed this info or not haha