Am I justified in leaving my parents?

My dad is a control freak. He wants everything done his own way or no way. Even in my relationship he decides when, how, and where I see my girlfriend. And when I complain, he says that I'm choosing her over him.
he does the same to my my, he yells, cusses and makes her cry on a regular basis.
now, I'm 23 years old, in college, have a job and a car. What's really holding me back is the fact that he's almost 70 and has health issues and I don't want to be the reason to set him over the edge.
should I just leave? If I do, I know I'll be a 19292929x happier.


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  • I would greatly consider it if you can afford moving out. Then you can decide when, how, and where you see your father, OR your girlfriend. You're 23! He needs to pipe down.


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  • Just leave, just because you leave doesn't mean you're not going to ever see your parents, it just means that you don't live under his house so therefor you don't have to live under his rules.


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