Correlation between artists (all kind of arts) and being socially liberal?

Well the question is based on my hypothesis that the vast majority of musicians and artists in general have a tendency to be socially liberal or progressive politically speaking. I was wondering why that was.

I've come to the conclusion that if there's a correlation, it's because of creativity (something I already sort of expected) but the dilemma is if the creativity they have make them become left winged or if its their left wing mentality that makes them become creative. However, myself as a musician I'm left winged and I think it has happened both ways and I've become so progressive politically speaking that I'm practically apolitical. If you want to put a name to it, call me anarchist.


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  • Conservatives seem to like rules and restraints based often upon religious reasons, whereas liberals seem to like being without rules as long as there is no harm done to anyone. Creative people despise boxes, because creativity itself is like a free-flowing river. Although there are artistic conservatives for sure, ut makes sense that the vast majority accept or have alternatives ways of interpreting the world. Art itself is as limitless in its forms as it is beauitful.

    • Of course Ms Fairy, you never disappoint me. You're wise, I hope you know it. :)

    • That's not entirely true. Conservatives value life and preservation, as well as opportunity (but without guarantee of income.) Liberals value convenience and indulgence, as well as assurance of pre-desired results, even at the risk of having to decide who "doesn't matter" if they get in the way of those results.

      There is just as much creativity on both sides of the spectrum. Perhaps more on the right side. However the Left knows how to organize better, form mobs, and seize what they want. And how to maintain a grip on power once they get it. And keep newcomers thoroughly engaged and indoctrinated. The Right, in America at least, is less diligent about this; because they get frustrated with being vilified for it. And apologetics training is weak right now. Has been since 1925. With many refusing to see that the Left keeps attacking that same weak spot over and over again to win battles.

      Both sides have heads in the sand on key issues, which will sink both.

    • *guarantee of outcome.

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  • Probably because to be an artist you have to be (1) more emotional and (2) more creative. It is the nature of conservatism to be much less of the former and usually less of the latter.

    When artists are politically Right leaning they are Libertarian, in favor of everyone living as they please.

    • Awesomely explained. I had the dilemma of if it was creativity that made them left wing or the fact that they were left wing made them creative. Thanks for the opinion.


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  • I've heard that too. Women are more likely to be left leaning than men as well. There are also stats for generations being more likely to lean one way vs another.

    Found this:

    • Single women are more likely to be left-leaning actually. Married women tend to be more moderate to slightly ring-winged.

      The most interesting part about it though is that "workers" are in general more right-leaning meaning since both parties are around even in elections that the majority who vote the lets are more likely to not be workers - which goes hand in hand with the more social help the left offers in their political program.

    • If you tell me, I think the reason for women being more left winged is because of their intelligence. You should read an article about how the native Americans believed (still believe) that hair is an extension of the nervous system. Maybe that is what makes you more critical, intuitive and less conformist? If only us guys admitted that women are more wise and developed than we think...

    • Oh haha that's sweet, but I actually don't agree entirely. Although that's very interesting about Native American ideas on gender. I've heard too they were accepting towards people being trans as well, they viewed them as special since they had "two spirits" or something like that. Like that they could cross the gender binary.

      Actual response though, I don't entirely agree with that only because of what I learned in one of my Political Studies courses. I took a course last year on Women, Gender, and Politics and from what I remember, the difference is that women prioritize certain issues differently then men. This is a generalization obviously, but in general, women prioritize things like healthcare over other things men typically prioritize. If you think about it, women would have a bit more of a vested interested in things like healthcare because of childbirth and other stuff.

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  • As someone who has worked with plenty of artist (unfortunately) I can tell you that the majority of them are mentall instable. Thus it's only natural they want the government to take care of them to the maximum amount - something that the current political left suggest to do.

    • That does make a dreadful sense.

    • I don't agree completely because I don't think musicians are as brainwashed to think that the final goal is to get more money. (There's many exceptions specialy now a days) for example, as a musician, I believe that money is like a drug. The capitalist's drug. More more more. Listen to "permanent holiday" by Mike Love. It's not money that worries us but it's more the emotional value of things. Thanks for your opinion anyhow. :)

  • Different profession just attract different types of people (speaking in general of course). People in both fine arts and performing arts have always tended strongly toward liberalism. Same with journalism. I'm not sure why, but it may be a left/right brain thing - although I hate to say that since there is a lot of misinformation out there about left/right brain.

    There are some professions that are heavily liberal, like the ones you mentioned. However there are not many professions that are as heavily conservative - none that I can think of anyway. Engineering is certainly more conservative than arts, music or journalism, but not heavily conservative. Construction work also tends toward conservatives, but I don't think it's as heavily one-sided as the liberal professions.

    Liberalism is largely emotion based, and knee jerk reaction. Whereas conservatives are less reactionary, tend to be cautious, and would rather think things through before reacting. It's two different ways of thinking about the same thing.

    • Agriculture is very conservative-leaning. If you are a farmer who understands the requirements of your profession, you resent being told what to do by a politician or bureaucrat who understands nothing about your profession. And resent even further him getting perpetually re-elected because of those in the city who are too stupid to understand that if they vote for the guy who screws over their breadbasket, they will one day vote their way into a food shortage.

      Yet, the city folk will do that. Like bacteria in a compost pile, incapable of comprehending the destructive and inevitable long-term consequences of their lifestyle choices.

    • @ObscuredBeyond
      Yes, I thought of farmers when I wrote that. I didn't include it though. I've lived in rural areas myself, so I totally understand what you are saying. Conservatives are more independent and self sufficient. Farmers fall into that category.

      Yea, there are LOTS of places where the big city carries the vote, but the laws make no sense out in the country or small towns. I experienced it myself. I had a very small retail business. I was on the outskirts of a small town, surrounded by hundreds of miles of forest and mountains. I had to plant a small 10 foot area out front to meet the "green space" requirement. It might make sense in a big city - it's nice to have some trees instead of every inch being paved over. But I was surrounded by hundreds of miles of forest. Seriously, that little green space just looked silly.

    • Wow. And I thought it was bad when that one granny got jailed for growing tomatoes the wrong way. Yeah, laws get passed because of "go green fervor," but they tend to not get thought through before being implemented. Resulting in situations like yours, which make no sense to casual observers.

      Hence, why I've heard it said: "Treat with dire suspicion any bill or law that requires more than 2 pages to explain what it is, or to implement properly and without stupidity."

      And yet, we have Obamacare. Which is larger than the Hindu Vedas in size, and dwarfs the Bible several times over in size, just to explain what it is. Amended 14 times illegally via abuse of executive order. Pure insanity!

  • Ironically, the fact that you are asking this question is the answer to your question. Artists like to ask questions due to their desire to think outside the box.

  • Creative types tend to be optimistic, dreamers, idealists, etc. Emotions and feeligs over logic and truth. Conservatives tend to be more math and science oriented- hard facts and reality, reason over emotions.

  • I'm a Writer and I am fairly progressive,
    However not all artists are

  • Making art that connects with other people requires a degree of empathy that inclines such people towards liberalism.

    Fear and selfishness incline people towards conservatism.

  • i am bassist
    i consider myself free
    but to world standards , i can be defined as conservative

  • Maybe, but not all artists are leftist libs.

    Conservatives see the world as it is and want to protect (conserve it) most artists are trying to socially engineer a world that can only exist in their own crazy imaginations.

  • I am a musician and I am socially extremely conservative and politically a little more moderate (although leaning conservative), but In my experience most musicians are liberals, which is pretty frustrating, especially when you have to deal with them all the time and they say stuff that you dont agree with. For instance, back when I was playing at bars I had a guy that I often played with who would sing and he would get up their and preach some crazy liberal philosophy to the crowd while I sat there on stage awkwardly disagreeing with everything he said. He was a bullhead and when I said "Dude no one cares about your stupid political beliefs, they came to listen to music, not get lectured by some hipster idiot"(of course I said it nicer then that) and he got pissed off at me, and started making up excuses about how important it was for him to brainwash the audience. I would have cut ties with him right there for being an idiot, but we made good music together so I couldnt. I put up with it, but it certainly made me feel awkward being on stage when he was going off on a tangent about something stupid. What's worse is that I KNOW for a fact that if I got up there and started preaching my conservative view points he would have stopped the whole show and got in a fight with me (on stage in front of the audience), so then it begs the question what does one do in this situation? Who is the wiser man, I could do what he would do to me and start a fight on stage, I could refuse to work with him because he was an idiot, but the only thing that would happen is that we would fight, stop making music together, and the crowds wouldn't get a quality show. So then someone had to be the wiser man and learn to ignore the fool, of course he was a fool so there was no way he was going to be the wiser one, so I had to play that role. In retrospect I'm not mad at my decision, who is the fool the one who learns to look past differences and move on, or the one who threatens to get in a fight with you because he doesn't agree with you? I've found this to be most of the liberals I've come in contact with, hypocritical fools, and this stereotype is fact in the music industry. I've worked in music since high school, met a lot of people, and the majority of them are liberal idiots who I would classify as "fools". Its crazy that the music industry has so many of them, and its a shame to see so many idiots in such a great industry, but it is what it is I suppose.

    • Holy shit. You sure give politics lot of importance, I don't watch TV for a reason lol. Thanks for the opinion anyhow. Peace :)

  • Also lower IQ tends to be more in favour of right wing politics, conservatives in USA. Look it up on Google.

    • "Some ideas are so preposterous only intellectuals can believe them..."

  • Because art colleges are for pussies.

    • Haha! Funny. However, I believe that it's exactly the opposite. They don't go to college because they know it's just conformist indoctrination. So following your line of thought, colleges aren't for pussies. They're for sleepy people that aren't awake and aware of what is really going on in the world. Brainwashed people.