How in increase my self esteem? Often get the feeling im not good enough hence me being single?

how do you work with your self esteem?

I want to date for sure, but the best thing for me is actually to work on my self esstem because I often find my self esstem increase or decrease based on if im involved with a guy or not (sometimes less then that)

But im not sure how to actually do that.. i know doing things i enjoy is a start, which i try to do as often as I can. But when i see cute guys or when i hear about the guy my sisters are involved with I can't help but get the feeling that im not a good enough of a person hence me not having a boyfriend. Even though i know that the biggest reason Im not currently dating someone is because I haven't met anyone who interest me that also in interested in me. In addition guys have shown interest in me, they were just not people im attracted to.


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  • I used to feel literally the same and still feel like it sometimes but trust me you don't need someone to make you feel good. And yes doing things you enjoy will help. Everybody has their own likes but I started hitting the gym and it actually helps. It helps you clear your mind and have more self esteem. Trust me, do you not think I feel good about myself? Fuck yeah I do! Not only is it helping my physical appearance but my self esteem! I personally believe that doing exercise or something that gets you moving will lead to a better life. Don't feel bad about not getting a the guys, you just need to realize how awesome it is to be single! Just smile and enjoy life there are so much things you can do when your single! Your time WILL come! You WILL get that guy of your dreams!

    Smile! You don't know who's heart is melting with that beautiful smile!


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  • I struggle with the same problem, but the issue is within us. I do know that I am one of a kind, but sometimes thinking that is just not enough. Whatever you do, say or fix on yourself is still not enough.
    I've been thinking lately about selflove and how important that is. We need to appericiate the parts of us that is not loved. We need to love those parts of ourself before we can let anybody else appericiate them. When that selflove is build up, nothing can break us down. This requires a lot of work and mental training. All we need to do is to say good things to ourselves.

    Would you talk to somebody else the way your mind talks to you?
    Would you break them the same way you break yourself?
    You shouldn't. The way you encourage and talk positivly to others and about them, do the same to you.

    I wish this is helping you out a bit, even though I'm in the same shoes as you.
    Good luck! <3


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  • You need to embrace cynicism, and adopt an attitude of utter and absolute superiority. Develop unbreachable disdain for others, and fill your abode with mirrors by which to admire your perfection. Just don't overdo it!

  • Do something meaningful.


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  • Stop comparing yourself to others. That's rule number 1. You have to love yourself, fake it til you make literally. Act confident even if you're not because you're getting out of your comfort zone. It's ok if everybody doesn't like you it happens don't cry over it. believe in yourself and be positive.