Should I move down to LA from San Jose?

I'm a college graduate with a degree in computer science. And I want to spend my 20s not just working, but socializing and dating and living life to the fullest. I feel LA has a strong nightlife scene and a lot of diversity and interesting people to meet. Should I move down there? And where are some spots I could go where young college graduates live and throw house parties?

Ignore the house parties part. I wrote it accidentally


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  • LA is an extremely fun place

    • Thank you and LA is really a fun city.

    • What are some attractions there?

    • The Santa Monica Pier, Catalina Island, The Queen Mary it a hunted battle ship you can send the night on and that's located in Long Beach, Ca and are so many other attractions. If think of more I will post them.

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  • Honestly I'd think you'd have an easier time doing both fun and work in silicon valley than in LA.


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