How to not stress out about college admissions?

I applied to 10 colleges and so far I've gotten accepted and offered at least a partial academic scholarship to all 7 of the schools I've heard back from but my top 3 choices said they send out acceptance letters by April 1st and I'm starting to get really stressed out now that it's getting closer and closer


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  • Take some medicine for stress, I remember being in a simmilar situation with the exams and was offered this. I didn't need them, but it might help for you. ^ยท^

    • Thanks but I don't take medicine unless I really need to

    • It's just so stressful because I've sent out the applications in December so I've been thinking about this for months and now I'm actually going to get an answer in the next week or so but it might not be the one I've been hoping for

    • You are doing good anyway, good luck though! ^^

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  • you've gotten into 7, so you're good unless the top 3 are like head and shoulders above the others. anyways, no point in stressing over something you can't control at this point. just go with it 8)

    • I've gotten scholarships to some pretty good schools already but the schools I'm waiting to hear back from are some of the best in the country so I'd go to any of them if I got in

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    • Yeah Columbia is my first choice so if I get in I'm going there

    • Tbh I'm not a big fan of a lot of Ivy league kids but I'm trying to get into business and a degree from Columbia goes a long way

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