What's your funniest school story 😘?

Let's make this site entertaining. Tell me your story, the funniest you've seen or been through. Don't say you don't have any, everyone has those stories that still make them laugh while reminding it. Tell meeeeeeeeeee 😉😁😁


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  • I got so many

    I went to a Catholic high school and in the 9th grade in all my classes I would erase the board and write cheat to win as big as possible before the teachers came back

    I brought a soviet union flag to school on multicultural day. I was then yelled at by the principal but when I told him he's infringing on my right for free speech he called me a loose cannon and had an in school suspension cause I won the argument.

    I smoking a fat doobie by the Catholic high school during lunch and the vice principal came driving in his van yelling out the window "hey you guys stop!" And we all booked it. He yelled "you cowards! I know who you are!" Then the vp made an announcement at the end of lunch saying "do not congregate at the apartment complexes across the street." Then called me to the office right after he finished his announcement on congregation at the apartment complexes aND everyone in the whole school found out I was a stoner that way...


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  • In my junior year of high school I had this really strict and weird history teacher. There were rumors about the guy being on drugs, having a mail order bride from Russia, stuff like that. He also had a strict rule about no food in class, including gum.

    Every Friday he made us watch some kids news segment before we left class. And he would turn the lights off for it.

    Well a few of my friends and I decided to pull a prank on him. Before class I gave them all a pack of pop rocks (there were 4 of us) and we kept them hidden. When it came to the end of the day and he turned the lights off to play the news, we opened our packs and popped them in our mouths. So when the news went off all you heard was loud popping. He was pissed. But he never figured out what it was.


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  • None of them make any sense unless you were there.


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  • I walked in to class late sat at my desk my regular teacher wouldn't have made a fuss I was always late. On this day however we had a relief teacher one with a stick up her butt, she stopped teaching came over to me and tried to shame me in front of the class. I have never put up with their shit so with a straight face I told her its not my fault my mother forgot to unlock my cage, her face went white and the class laughed.
    Yes I got in to trouble later in the day when the teacher reported what I had said. I wonder if she is still teaching or did I scar her for life.