Pls read additional details:) how would you describe me?

So this is me i always manage to predict mistakes so that i can avoid making them, but when i do make a mistake, it really gets me down. Also after receiving a constructive criticism i listen up and remember it for months but i always eventually follow the advice since i want to improve myself.
This might be weird but that's me:P compliment makes me feel awkward. I always think the other person is just being nice so instead of responding with thanks to their compliment, i say "no problem".
I always remember my past mistakes so that i would not repeat them again.
I really hate being mean to other people. I know how difficult it can be to receive criticism and i don’t want to hurt or upset others. Instead, i try to be positive and encouraging to other people so they feel happy about their achievements.

So now, here is the question. how would you describe me? :P


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  • You are a perfectionist who has high ideals and high standards for yourself. You judge yourself much more harshly than you do others and you seem to feel others judge you as harshly. This helps you excel and become better in many ways but it has the risk of either having a unreasonably low opinion of yourself or potentially an overly high one.


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