Guys, am I a bad person for doing this?

So I had went to this party yesterday we were all dancing and having fun and I danced with this guy not romantically or inappropriately we were just having fun and then he asks for my number and snapchat and we talk as friends and he flirts with me but I told him I only wanted to be friends and that I like someone else but he was texting me and talking to me a lot and being close to me. I want to stop talking to him because I like someone else and I don't want to be mean and I don't want send him a text because I care about the other guy way more than a guy I met yesterday.


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  • no your not a bad person you just make a bad choice leading someone on.

    • He knows I don't like him though and I didn't mean to lead him on I promise I was just being really nice and now I feel like an idiot and I don't know what to do to to fix this mess

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    • your welcome i hope everything works out for you

    • Well I told him how I felt, and he said that he's not trying to run my life and that I need to let go of the stress and maybe meet someone that's different. But then midway through the conversation he said I as in me wasn't ready for a relationship.

  • No. Well you did tell him. Some people don't take no for an answer 🙄

    • Haha right? But yeah I told him I liked someone at my school and he texted me early this morning like 8:30 so this had to be when he woke up and I haven't even responded because when I'm about to send a message to him its like I can't even do that because I think about the other guy