Are you ever tempted to lead a more hedonistic lifestyle?

Stop being such a good girl/guy all the time?

I mean work hard, but play hard too? At least on weekends 😉


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  • Eeeh not really. I've always been a pretty calm guy that prefers a peaceful atmosphere over a wild party any time of the year. Hypothetically - and this is a big "hypothetically" - I would have a wilder sex life if I could. It's not actually a possibility I have but if I had the chance, I would celebrate some crazy sex orgies. That's the only thing where I would like to be a little hedonistic.
    Other than that, I'm fine with a peaceful lifestyle (some people might consider it boring I guess). I don't enjoy alcohol and I never go partying. I've only been to a nightclub four times in my whole life and it was when I was 16, so over 10 years ago.

  • To a very lesser and minimal extent, yes, sometimes. But really, taking it easy and living as healthy and goal oriented as you can is the best way to go.


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  • LOL xD

    Sometimes I crave tequilla. Is that hedonistic enough for you? xD